Number of Latinos and Hispanics in College on the Rise

The number of Latinos and Hispanics that are attending college and public schools are on the rise. According to CNN, in 2011, 16.5% of 18-24 year-old Latinos represented enrollment in about 2 million Latinos (Stats courtesy of Pew Hispanic Center#). This percentage seems to be on point with the rising number of Latinos in the United States population.

A contributing factor to this may be the fact that many colleges are teaching high school Latina women about new and exciting careers in the fields of science and technology. Portland Community College, in Portland, Oregon, is one of the colleges doing just that. They recently took about 120 Latina girls from neighboring high schools and spent the days teaching them how to everything from extract DNA to making robots. The purpose of taking these at-risk Latina 9th and 10th grade girls was to draw attention to careers in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math; also known as STEM#.

 These numbers represent the ever growing Latino/Hispanic community and here at, we are the connection to the fastest growing sector of the job market. Hispanic Americans are assets to employers as they make up more than 15% of the population. We allow employers to connect with diverse and qualified employees. enables jobseekers to connect to employers who are committed to diversity and inclusion initiatives. 

To learn more about the ever growing sector or about us, please visit us at


Editor’s note: HispanicDiversity is a division of To learn more about the different minority recruitment strategies we offer, please contact us at (973) 992-7311. 

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